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Railway Station at Rampurhat, Three and half hour journey from Kolkata by train. Some 300 miles from Calcutta,  Tarapith is situated on the banks of the north flowing Dwarka river, in Birbhum, in West Bengal. 6 km. from Rampurhat Railway Station and well connected by road. The temple that was built by Vasistha got buried under the earth with the passage of time. Tarapith as it stands today, was built by Joybroto, a merchant, who received directions from Tara Maa in his sleep to unearth the 'brahmashila', or the sacred stone, to set it up as a shrine in a proper place. Tara Maa of Tarapith, another form of Kali, has two hands, is garlanded with snakes, is adorned in sacred threads, and has Shiva lying in her left lap sucking her breast.

The adores come here to absolve themselves from the earthly bindings and deeds to get total liberation with the grace of affectionate Mother Kali who saved Lord Shiva from his burns and pains due to engulfing the poison to save the earth when she quenched the Lord Shiva's sufferings by feeding him Her breast milk. Thus we go there to get Her motherly affection and cosmic blessings to protect ourselves from the worldly poison we are encountering at each step of our living. Why not you also pay homage to the Deity who is the supreme mother with her affection to shower Her blessings on you too to overcome the hurdles of life and to gain the absolute strength to enjoy the peace of Her touch and the nector of Her benediction ?

Tarapith is a mahapith from where Sadhak Bama Khapa acquired "Siddhi Laav". This is one of the most sacred place where every year several millions of devotees come to offer Puja. Tarapith or Tarapeeth or Tarapeath is regarded as Mahapeeth and extremely holy place for all Hindus.  

Kaushi Amavasya is one of the famous tithi for offering holy Puja at tarapith Temple. This is the day on which Sadhak Bama Khapa offered Puja to Ma Tara at Tarapith Temple several hundreds of years back and made this Day and Tithi very auspicious. It is said that on this holy Day and tithi if someone offer POOJA to Ma Tara with a holy heart then he or she is blessed by Ma Tara. 

We shall arrange Puja at the temple for you and your family (maximum 4 persons) through one learned Purohit offering necessary Sweets, Khichuri, Flowers and other materials (most of them will be sent to you after Puja). One Brahmin Bhojon will also be arranged at the Temple on behalf of your family to have blessings. Necessary materials will be sent to you after the Puja through a good courier. We cannot send Prosad or flowers to USA,UK and a few other countries due to restrictions but all other materials as detailed below will be used during the Puja and will be sent to you. You must be knowing the expenses to arrange one good Purohit, travelling cost, cost of Prosad-bhog-Brahmin Bhojon, Puja materials, office maintenance and courier cost. To meet all these cost, we offer a moderate charge which is given below. Please send us one bank draft in favour of ASHIRBADEE and mail to the address given at the "contact" page of this web site. The form is also given in that page which must also be sent to us.    

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